Sunday, September 14, 2014

Join us October 4th and 5th, on the Taylorville, IL. square or on the grounds of the Christian County Historical Society. A listing of events at the CC Historical Society follows:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It is with great pleasure that I've gotten to correspond with book author Rhonda M. Kohl. About two years ago she had called the Christian Co. Historical Society asking if we might have a photo of William Skiles, (a Taylorville, IL. native in which the Society had published, a now out of print book titled "Letters to Home"), so that she could use the photo in her new book "Prairie Boys Go To War". I looked, and yes we did which I copied and sent to her.

Rhonda informed me a couple of weeks ago that her book "Prairie Boys Go To War" had been printed and was available for sale on these sites:

About the Fifth Illinois Cavalry between the years 1861 to September 1865.

Rhonda offers the only modern, comprehensive analysis of a southern Illinois regiment during the Civil War.

There is also a 'Roster' listing available (click on Roster) for viewing.

Rhonda M. Kohl is also on Facebook and has a Facebook page for her book: 
The Prairie Boys Go to War: The Fifth Illinois Cavalry, 1861-1865
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Christian Co., IL. Historical Society President Jodi Heberling answers questions about the 'NEW' CC History Book project

1-) What are you hoping people submit for the book?
     We want roots, history of who and why your family has resided in Christian County

2-) What do you have so far for the book?
     We have about 30 stories /family histories turned in and continue to have more arriving daily. We have had a couple of organizations inquire and are working getting their articles together. I am excited in anticipation of some of the stories that will arise from this publication.

3-) What have people turned in?
     At this point most have been Family trees. Lists of who came and why and then how the family's married and reproduced creating  the ancestors of Christian County. I find it interesting that people are concerned about in laws and outlaws from their roots. People should not worry about those negative things from their past kin, but instead be excited in how they turn out in spite of the cattle rustler or bank robber in their family tree. Times were different and survival was not always easy!

4-) Whats the most interesting/odd thing that someone has turned in?
     Honestly I have not had time to read any of the stories that have been submitted. But I am very confident that there will be many surprises revealed with the publication of the book.

5-) What type of family history do you want people to include?
     Discretion is necessary but facts are facts. This book is for the people of Christian County and will be made of the articles that are submitted by those people. Life is not always pretty,  it really does come with goods and beds!

6-) What kind of pictures are you looking for?

7-) Where can people find out more information about the book?
     We sent out a mailing to 16,000 households in Christian County. Our goal is to reach everyone who is residing in Christian County. We have fliers available at the Museum and Court house clerk's office. We welcome anyone to stop out at the museum on Thursday -Saturday 10 a.m. -3:00 p.m.
Click Here for the Flyer

8-) Anything else you want people to know about the book?
     There is much talk about print books being a thing of the past, but I believe that there will be a place for this type of history books and print is the best medium to use.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Click here for the link to access our Newsletter. Please feel free to print it out / share with your friends / etc.

Please keep in mind that the Christian Co., IL. Historical Society & Museum is funded thru donations Only – if you are lead to donate / join, you can do so by sending a check to our address.

Beginning April 5 we will be open Thursday’s thru Saturday’s 10am – 3pm.

Do you need Help with finding your family for our NEW Christian Co. History book?
Or wanting to look for your Christian Co. roots?

The Christian Co., IL. Genealogical Society has their Library in the Pence Building of our complex for your use, and provides free wireless internet service for your use.
The CCGS Library has a very extensive collection (over 60,000 books / documents / microfilm, area newspapers, probate records / donated Family Histories / school Year Books / etc.) and will be very willing to help you with your research during the opening hours.
You may contact the CCGS by e-mail or calling 217.824.6922

GUEST Speaker & Mosticholli Lunch at Annual Meeting

Sunday March 25, 2012 
Mosticholli Lunch served from 11:00am-1:00 pm

Short Annual Meeting – 

Guest speaker beginning at 1:30 p.m. - 
Civil War speaker JEROME KOWALSKI 
“Who’s love for the civil war began in grammar school and continues on to the present."

Jerome has been re-creating the character of General George H. Thomas for twenty years and makes between 35 and 40 appearances a year.  in the past twelve months he has spoken to over 25,000 children and adults on civil war.

Major General George Henry Thomas was born in Virginia, but during the Civil War, remained faithful to the oath that he took as a cadet at The United States Military Academy at West Point.  There he pledged his allegiance to the Constitution of the U.S. (not the flag that our children pledge their allegiance to at school in the morning).  He promised to defend and protect it against all foes foreign and domestic.  When Virginia left the Union three days after the bombardment of Fort Sumter - George Henry Thomas remained faithful to that oath he took years before. 

Mosticholli $7.50 for adults $4.00 youth under 12

Desserts will be available for a donation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW Christian Co., IL HISTORY Book
This year will be great for the Christian County Historical Society and Museum. Jodi Heberling has been working hard to coordinate and bring the Museum up to today’s standard’s. But realizes she cannot do it all. It will take the whole county working to preserve this great resource Christian County has been blessed with!
          Jane Long and Jodi Heberling have teamed up with ‘Acclaim Press’ to bring a ‘New’ Christian County History book spanning the years 1839-2013. (The first history book in 46 years.) They welcome anyone who would like to become involved to contact them! If this is to become a true County history we need your help . . . Write and submit an article about your family for inclusion in this publication. And include at least one photo.

Click here for a PDF of the Brochure

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treasure Chest

It's not that often that you find a mysterious chest tucked away in a corner. During the inventory on the Owaneco Train Depot my fellow volunteer Jon Meyer and I came across this seemingly ordinary trunk.

Because we were doing an inventory, we needed to open it up and catalog the contents. What we found inside was a pleasant treat!

Inside the chest we found some family photos, a quilt, and some old photographs of a mysterious shop. Besides the information in the photos, we had nothing else to go on. However, the photos were remarkably preserved. We just had to do a little detective work to figure out more about this shop and its owner.

With a little help from genealogy meister Chuck Courtwright, we began our information quest. As luck would have it, one of the photos gave us a name and shop description: Henry Biermann - Tire and Top Shop. With name in hand we turned next to to get a time/location for Henry Biermann. Markings on one of the photos gave us a general time-frame covering the early 19th century. We found one matching entry for a Henry Biermann in Taylorville, IL. Other information, such as the name of the wife and children confirmed our match.

When doing genealogy research of your own, be sure to widen your search by trying out different name combinations. For example, Henry Biermann's name was listed as: Beirmann, Biermann, and Bierman.

Then we began to research in the genealogical archives located on site. Looking through the local paper's microfilm near the time of Henry Beirmann's death gave us an obituary that provided invaluable information on the entrepreneur.

From that clipping we confirmed the number of children he had, the location of his shop, the name of his wife, his local charity work, and so much more! Who knew an old chest would contain such a wealth of information about Taylorville's history!

If you have your own adventure you would like to unravel, come drop by the Historical Society and Museum and Chuck can help you - or at least point you in the right direction!

- In case you are wondering, all the photos are being properly stored now, as well as digitized so they can be preserved. For more information about proper photo storage please see this great article. To see more resources from the Christian County Genealogical Society, click here.