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Theodore L. Henry - Low Point, Illinois 

Portrays - 
Commanding officer Col. Dudley Wickersham.
Ted retired from the State of Illinois as a nuclear scientist and devotes his time to expanding the membership of the Regiment. He and his wife Dawn live on 2 wooded acres growing several gardens. Together Ted and Dawn have 5 children, and 7 grandchildren. Ted has said, "now that my time is my own, I want to do some additional research on the history of the Civil War, and our regiment in particular, visiting the locations listed on our battle flag."

You can get additional information  There will be an encampment on Friday night at the Christian County Historical Society.  Saturday morning there will be a re-enactment in the open field behind the Country Side Vet Clinic.  Sundaymorning there will be an authentic Civil War era worship service on the grounds of the society.  The encampment will remain on the grounds throughout the celebration.

The oldest building on the property of the CC Historical Society was found by Mr. and Mrs. John Curry on the property they owned in Shelby County, IL, approximately 4 miles east and one mile south of Shelbyville.  The Curry’s were in the process of tearing down an old 2-story house on the property and they discovered this Log House beneath the kitchen walls.

The State Curator, Lowell Anderson, estimates the Log House was built between 1820 – 1840.  The Curry’s donated the house to CCHS in the late 1970’s.  In 1975, the Taylorville Elementary School children donated $760 to use for furnishing the Log House.  The furnishings are classified as “primitive” and the purchases were approved and authentication was received from the Illinois State Archives.

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It is with great pleasure that I've gotten to correspond with book author Rhonda M. Kohl. About two years ago she had called the Christian Co. Historical Society asking if we might have a photo of William Skiles, (a Taylorville, IL. native in which the Society had published, a now out of print book titled "Letters to Home"), so that she could use the photo in her new book "Prairie Boys Go To War". I looked, and yes we did which I copied and sent to her.

Rhonda informed me a couple of weeks ago that her book "Prairie Boys Go To War" had been printed and was available for sale on these sites:

About the Fifth Illinois Cavalry between the years 1861 to September 1865.

Rhonda offers the only modern, comprehensive analysis of a southern Illinois regiment during the Civil War.

There is also a 'Roster' listing available (click on Roster) for viewing.

Rhonda M. Kohl is also on Facebook and has a Facebook page for her book: 
The Prairie Boys Go to War: The Fifth Illinois Cavalry, 1861-1865
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Christian Co., IL. Historical Society President Jodi Heberling answers questions about the 'NEW' CC History Book project

1-) What are you hoping people submit for the book?
     We want roots, history of who and why your family has resided in Christian County

2-) What do you have so far for the book?
     We have about 30 stories /family histories turned in and continue to have more arriving daily. We have had a couple of organizations inquire and are working getting their articles together. I am excited in anticipation of some of the stories that will arise from this publication.

3-) What have people turned in?
     At this point most have been Family trees. Lists of who came and why and then how the family's married and reproduced creating  the ancestors of Christian County. I find it interesting that people are concerned about in laws and outlaws from their roots. People should not worry about those negative things from their past kin, but instead be excited in how they turn out in spite of the cattle rustler or bank robber in their family tree. Times were different and survival was not always easy!

4-) Whats the most interesting/odd thing that someone has turned in?
     Honestly I have not had time to read any of the stories that have been submitted. But I am very confident that there will be many surprises revealed with the publication of the book.

5-) What type of family history do you want people to include?
     Discretion is necessary but facts are facts. This book is for the people of Christian County and will be made of the articles that are submitted by those people. Life is not always pretty,  it really does come with goods and beds!

6-) What kind of pictures are you looking for?

7-) Where can people find out more information about the book?
     We sent out a mailing to 16,000 households in Christian County. Our goal is to reach everyone who is residing in Christian County. We have fliers available at the Museum and Court house clerk's office. We welcome anyone to stop out at the museum on Thursday -Saturday 10 a.m. -3:00 p.m.
Click Here for the Flyer

8-) Anything else you want people to know about the book?
     There is much talk about print books being a thing of the past, but I believe that there will be a place for this type of history books and print is the best medium to use.

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