Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW Christian Co., IL HISTORY Book
This year will be great for the Christian County Historical Society and Museum. Jodi Heberling has been working hard to coordinate and bring the Museum up to today’s standard’s. But realizes she cannot do it all. It will take the whole county working to preserve this great resource Christian County has been blessed with!
          Jane Long and Jodi Heberling have teamed up with ‘Acclaim Press’ to bring a ‘New’ Christian County History book spanning the years 1839-2013. (The first history book in 46 years.) They welcome anyone who would like to become involved to contact them! If this is to become a true County history we need your help . . . Write and submit an article about your family for inclusion in this publication. And include at least one photo.

Click here for a PDF of the Brochure


  1. So what is the latest story on this project? My latest contact with the publishing co. tells me that the holdup is the Historical Society..... When can persons expect to see the finished product delivered? Seems like there should be a little more attention given to letting members/customers know what & when to expect a finished product. One can understand being a "little" late, but come on now..............
    How about keeping all posted on its status?

  2. Too bad I didn't know about this project two years ago. I've been researching my 3rd great grandfather, Rev. Martin White who was Logan County and Christian co, IL first state legislature. He served with Abraham Lincoln that term (1840-1842). I wrote to the Christian Co, IL, the Decatur, IL, and the Logan Co, IL.Historical societies, and Gary Freese was the only one who cared enough to write back. In fact, he's been my go-to-point for Illinois history. I wrote a short biography on my History-Nut-blog of Missouri about my ancestor, that perhaps could have been used in your book. I recently found some information on the Trail of Death that went through Christian County.